• The VWA INC encourages breeders and exhibitors with an interest in judging  to apply in writing to our Secretary for assessment for inclusion on our provisional waterfowl judge’s panel. Each year, at nominated shows along with our Young Bird Show, the VWA INC conducts provisional judging days for applicants.  During the day, you will be asked to judge at least 3 breeds under normal judging conditions and discuss what you are looking for and your results. You will be assessed on your presentation, your handling of the birds and your reasoning for how you place the birds. You will then sit a multiple choice exam, again on at least three breeds, all questions are taken directly from the current edition of the Australian Poultry Standards. Once both these assessments are completed, the assessor or assessors (current VWA INC open judge(s)) will submit their recommendations to the VWA INC committee.

    To then progress to the VWA INC’s open panel, the provisional judge must successfully complete at least three judging positions at poultry standard shows and once completed, submit in writing to the VWA INC Secretary an application to progress to the open panel. Again, open panel judges will be asked to make comment on at least one of these shows on the presentation, handling and reasoning of decisions made on the day.

    Poultry Stud Breeders and Exhibitors Victoria (PSBEV) has delegated authority to conduct waterfowl assessments to the VWA INC.  At both stages, the VWA INC submits its recommendations to the PSBEV.  This means that once the successful individual has applied to the PSBEV, they will be included on the equivalent PSBEV Judges Panel.

    The VWA INC also encourages our junior members to complete our judging assessment to enable them to apply to the PSBEV for bird day and internal club judging positions throughout the year.

    For enquiries please write to the Secretary or contact your committee member.