• Domestic Waterfowl

    Geese Muscovy Heavy Duck Light Duck Bantam Duck
    African Black Aylesbury Abacot Ranger Black East Indian
    Brecon Buff Black and White Blue Swedish Bali Bantam Crested
    Chinese – brown grey Blue Cayuga Campbell – Khaki Bantam Pommern
    Chinese – white Blue and White Pekin Campbell – Dark Bantam Welsh Harlequin
    Embden Bronze Rouen Campbell – White Crested miniature
    Pomeranian Bronze and White Rouen Clair Crested – AOC
    Roman Lavender Rouen – White Crested White
    Roman tufted Lavender and White Saxony Elizabeth
    Sebastopol Pied Silver Appleyard Indian Runner –  Black Mallard – Normal
    Toulouse White Watervale Indian Runner –  Chocolate Mallard – Brown
    Australian Settler White winged black Indian Runner –  Cinnamon Mallard  – Blue Fawn
    Indian runner –  Cumberland blue Mallard – Dusky
    Indian Runner –  Fawn Mallard – Fawn
    Indian Runner –  Fawn and White Mallard – Laced Fawn
    Indian Runner –  Harlequin Mallard – Silver
    Indian Runner –  Mallard coloured Mallard – White, yellow billed
    Indian Runner – Trout Mallard – White, white billed
    Indian Runner – White Orpington (Bntm)
    Magpie Saxony (Bntm)
    Orpington Buff Silver Appleyard (Bntm)
    Orpington Blue Welsh Harlequin (Bntm)
    Pommern – Black
    Pommern – Blue Australian Call
    Welsh Harlequin Apricot MallardApricot Silver


    Blue Mallard

    Blue Silver

    Dusky Mallard


    Mallard Coloured

    Pied Mallard